October 2003

Yahoo, It's Friday

Actually, Friday is not a big break for me as my job gets much busier on the weekends. But at least a very hectic week is coming to an end. The heater job is coming a long much faster than I ever expected and it looks like we might have gas run to the building faster than I thought as well. That is a very good thing, considering we are coming into the cold season of the year.

In a further introduction, if you haven't picked up on it by now, I'm a father of two growing boys. Since my wife is away this weekend on business, I thought I'd take the time to spend with my boys. I cleared my schedule, we went out for pizza, and then both of them told me they had plans for tonight. Boy, where does the time go?

One of my favorite songs growing up was The Cat's In The Cradle by Harry Chapin. I had a great relationship with my dad, but for some reason that song attached itself to my heart. If you've never heard it, it talks about a son growing up while the father is just too busy with work to spend time with him. In the end of each chorus the son says, Dad, I'm gonna be just like you. (Isn't that what every father wants???) Anyway as the son grows up the father realizes that he has become just like him because now the son has no time for the father. I pray that my sons do turn out just like me. Because I believe that they know that they are a priority in my life. At least I hope, they would be able to say that Dad spends a lot of time with us. Am I hurt about tonight? No. When they come home we'll probably all crawl up on the couch, pray for mommy, and watch some macho man movie. Life is good!!! I just wish they wouldn't grow up so fast. I sure am glad that one thing that has always been a priority in our household (even though it still needs work) is family time. So Kenny, have fun skating. Kristian, have fun over your friends house. I'm just sitting here thanking God for both of you and writing my blog :) In case you want to know, on Sunday we will be talking about healing. You know we live in a world with a lot of pain. Hey, lets be honest and admit that even the church in general is dealing with a lot of pain. But I believe that we can all see that pain healed as we seek to see others healed. My thot for tonight....Be a friend!...A real friend. And if you'd like to have an EZ Pass to heaven, stop by Sunday night at 6:00 pm


I let the day slip away today. I'm writing Thursdays post, and just noticed that it's Friday already. I have a question, where do the hours go? We've got a lot happening at work as we are having new heaters installed. You wouldn't think that it would make a lot of difference, but it seems that anything that breaks up the normality (or what we are acustomed to) seems to interfere with everything. It just seems like I'm behind in everything. Which begs to question...Why are we such creatures of habit? As a pastor, I've noticed that anytime you ask people to do something that changes their habitual way of life, there is always major friction. Not only is it the people who attend, but in my own life as well. I'm learning more and more to allow myself to be flexible so that these little curve balls of life don't throw me for such a loop. I don't think we need to strike out in times like this (a little baseball playoff humor). Actually it's just the right time to choke up on the bat, and focus a little harder on the ball being thrown. Of course, you just gotta watch out for the person trying to catch the foul ball heading their way :)


Walter Horton, in his book, The challenge of our Culture, says "Modern man is certainly worried about something - worried nearly to death. And an analysis of his behavior shows him so feverishly trying to avoid looking God in the eye that it must have something to do with fear of how he must look standing before God in that position." We are going to be looking at this and much more as we talk about God's forgiveness for us all tonight in Adult Bible Study. 7:00 pm


Sorry about the absence of a post from yesterday, but I came home from a morning appointment and found that my cable modem was down. The Comcast guy just came now and fixed it. Anyways, during my long trip to Gettysburg PA and back I was able to catch a little bit of talk radio. Supposedly the Associated Press is reporting that the Gallop (hope I spelled it right) foundation has done a poll over in Baghdad that will astound you. First of all, I was amazed at the report that almost everyone who received the poll filled it out and returned it, asking if they could give more input than just answering yes or no. You know, the things we receive in the mail and throw out because we can't afford the time to waste on them.

What's My Line???

Today is Sunday and one of the longest days of my work week. I'm not complaining, but it sure does feel good to have a little down time. I guess the next thing that it would be great to tell those of you who don't know me (perhaps you've come across this site by accident) is that I'm a pastor. For the last five years, I've pastored the Abundant Life Center in beautiful Southern New Jersey. And I love what I do! Now, let me put your mind at rest. This is not going to be a religious site. My hope is that much of these posts will be geared toward the family of the church, but that anyone else would feel invited and free to join right in. You see, what I do is not about religion, but about relationship. Some people would see church attendance as an obligation. Others as a punishment. I believe that it can be a very exciting and privileged experience. That is what we try to model at the church. In the AM service I shared that we have a choice in this life. We can live for self, build up our esteem, and make a name for ourselves. Or we can choose to fulfill the creators plan for our life. You may not know what that plan is yet, but let me assure you that you are not here by mistake. Are we a perfect church? fact, we are far from it. Am I a great pastor? (And I don't need an answer to that question) I'm just trying to do what I know to do. And let me tell you, this pastor has a long way to go. But the exciting thing is that I'm not on this journey alone. If you want to know what I've learned today, it's that we can be so sure of something or someone. We can boast it up, take great joy in it, and make a big scene about it. But, find out that it wasn't worth it in the end, and go home feeling let down and discouraged. (And I'm not talking about God)


FOOTBALL - That was the word for me today. During the next couple of posts, I will take some time to introduce myself a little bit. Many of you who check this site out will know me, but there may be some who won't. One of my joys is football. I never played when I was younger, but I sure do like to play now. (Of course being 38 doesn't help that...and I'm feeling it right now). Anyway, I played today with some of the guys from the church. We always have a great time, and today was no exception. It is actually pretty cool to get out there with those young guys and show them that the old man still has a little bit in him. Then later on it was out to watch my 8 year old son (Kris) play in his "taxi" league. They lost, but it still makes for a great day. But I learned a lot today. Maybe, I didn't learn it today, but it was really evident. If we could just do the things as a group of people that a team does on the football field....nothing would stop us. In fact, just a week ago, I spoke a message in service that said your either out on the field or you're just a spectator.

Here We Are

Well, here we are. Who would have thought that I'd ever have a weblog (blog)? Actually, it shouldn't be too surprising when I think about all the thoughts that constantly seem to circulate around in my head. This just gives me a great place to put them down and share them with "whoever". I'm not really sure what is going to happen here, or what to expect, but it should be fun. Bookmark us and check back regularly. It will be great to have you on board.


This is a test Please keep checking back. It won't be long before we figure this thing out and we're up and running.