I let the day slip away today. I'm writing Thursdays post, and just noticed that it's Friday already. I have a question, where do the hours go? We've got a lot happening at work as we are having new heaters installed. You wouldn't think that it would make a lot of difference, but it seems that anything that breaks up the normality (or what we are acustomed to) seems to interfere with everything. It just seems like I'm behind in everything. Which begs to question...Why are we such creatures of habit? As a pastor, I've noticed that anytime you ask people to do something that changes their habitual way of life, there is always major friction. Not only is it the people who attend, but in my own life as well. I'm learning more and more to allow myself to be flexible so that these little curve balls of life don't throw me for such a loop. I don't think we need to strike out in times like this (a little baseball playoff humor). Actually it's just the right time to choke up on the bat, and focus a little harder on the ball being thrown. Of course, you just gotta watch out for the person trying to catch the foul ball heading their way :)

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